Honey Mallow // Replenishing Nectar Whip

Honey Mallow // Replenishing Nectar Whip

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From the maker:

Honey Mallow is like a lullaby for your skin. Made with some of the most nurturing, gentle botanicals in existence like elderflower, marshmallow, rose and comfrey, its purpose is to calm down highly reactive skin and build it back up all the while protecting it from the elements.

Great for all skin types but especially those prone to eczema, dryness, flakiness, and overall high reactivity.

To Use:

Works best as the last step of a regimen, smoothed on damp, cleansed skin and allowed to sink in for a few minutes before applying makeup or other treatments.


Local sunflower seed oil, *comfrey leaf, elderflower, *damask rosebuds, marshmallow root, raw local honey, unbleached local beeswax


About the Brand:

Apis Apotheca is a farm to face skincare company that specializes in sensitive, acne and eczema prone skin while supporting graceful aging. Their products are founded on whole plant infusions using botanicals organically grown on their farm in upstate NY and blended with specific science backed actives. We connect the dots between taking care of the planet and taking care of skin, and know their products achieve true results because of the love they give back to the soil.

  • female founded
  • ethically produced
  • clean ingredients
  • sustainable
  • handmade
  • Made in the US
  • gives back

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