IRENIC / Happy Belly Drops (Herbal Tincture)

IRENIC / Happy Belly Drops (Herbal Tincture)

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irenic adjective [ahy-ren-ik] - tending to promote peace or reconciliation.

This wild elixir is bold, and you will feel its powerful ingredients going to work immediately. Layers of lemongrass, mint, and ginger harmonize, bringing a warm calm feeling to the whole being. Flowers and roots work together to heal damaged tissues, improving digestive function, and allowing vital nutrients to reach the cells. While amazingly potent, this golden nectar restores balance to even the most delicate constitutions. It is especially beneficial for those that struggle with bloating, gas, and other types of digestive discomfort. We recommend taking this elixir directly on the tongue or in a little bit of water before meals up to three or four times a day for optimal digestive support. Remember that you want to taste this formula to make it work its best.

DOSAGE: 15-30 drops as desired

FLAVOR: Spicy and refreshing

FEELING: Comforting and supportive Our wild elixirs remind you to remember who you are and how you were made. An intentional, thoughtful life is your birthright. You were never built to be on hyperdrive.

ARTISAN FORMULA: *Lemongrass, **Mint, *Calendula Flowers, *Ginger Root, *Burdock Root, and **Angelica Root. Extracted in a sweet base of *vegetable glycerin and artesian well cane spirits.

*organic **wildcrafted

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