Masala Chai Herbal Tea
Masala Chai Herbal Tea

Masala Chai Herbal Tea

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Blender's Notes:

Nil Organic Tea gives you their signature blend of a perfectly balanced 7-spice blend with an orange peel base to bring you the best chai you've ever sipped.

They've spent countless hours refining the perfect ratio of each of the spices in this Masala Chai so you can taste each one but no single spice overpowers any of the others. This chai is so versatile you can brew it strong for an fully bold spice or more mild for a sweeter cup. Drink it on its own or add a splash of nutmilk or cream for a delicious chai latte, and can be brewed hot or cold.


Ingredients: *granulated orange peel, *cardamom, *cloves, *anise seed, *cinnamon, *ginger, *peppercorns, *nutmeg   


Vendor: Nil Organic Tea in Scappoose, Oregon

  • Small: approximately .2 ounces/8 grams - makes about 4 cups of hot tea
  • Medium: approximately .6 ounces/17 grams - makes about 8 or 9 cups of hot tea
  • Large: approximately 1 ounce/27 grams - makes about 12 to 15 cups of hot tea

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