Mindfulness Spray - Unf*ckwithable, Badass Boundaries + Self Love Blend

Mindfulness Spray - Unf*ckwithable, Badass Boundaries + Self Love Blend

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Set your intention! These mindfulness sprays by Warm Human are lightly scented w/inspiring blends of pure therapeutic-grade essential oils. Ideal for refreshing moods, bodies, rooms, clothing, or bedding. 

4 oz. spray bottle. Vegan + cruelty-free. Non-GMO. Paraben-free.

Unf*ckwithable - Badass Boundaries + Self Love Blend
Tobacco + tuberose + patchouli + sandalwood

Smells like: Later, hater. *skips off, throwing confetti. Tobacco leaf (think: men’s cologne), sensual tuberose, and a little earthy patchouli + sandalwood

Front of the label: 
Not today satan. Not. Today. My self-love ray gun is on full blast, and I will not be trifled with today, sir! So, y’all can take your doubts & drama and bounce.
Back of the label:
You are Unf*ckwithable, baby. Nobody's gonna mess with your peace and positive vibes. Boundary lines have been drawn + all the drama lives on the other side. Later, haters! (*skips off throwing confetti)

    Directions: Shake well + spray onto your body, into the air, onto bedding or clothing to refresh and inspire. Suitable for daily or deep cleaning. You can also spray onto damp cloth to wipe down your yoga mat and accessories, fitness equipment or hard surfaces. 

    Ingredients: filtered water, witch hazel, alcohol, fragrance and essential oil blend [Tobacco + tuberose + patchouli + sandalwood], gluconolactone, sodium.

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