Mulled Berry Tea
Mulled Berry Tea

Mulled Berry Tea

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Blender's Notes:

A berry merry brew.

This spiced berry brew is sure to bring on the holiday cheer. Traditional mulling spices cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and allspice meld together into a soul-warming winter brew. A blend of hibiscus, berries, and citrus creates a tantalizing tart but beautifully balanced base to this spiced holiday cuppa. Time to get nice and rosy and comfy cozy.

  • Small: approximately .2 ounces/8 grams - makes about 4 cups of hot tea
  • Medium: approximately .6 ounces/17 grams - makes about 8 or 9 cups of hot tea
  • Large: approximately 1 ounce/27 grams - makes about 12 to 15 cups of hot tea

Ingredients: *hibiscus, *cinnamon, *clove, *goji berry, *blueberry, *schisandra berry, *rosehips, *orange peel, *lemon peel, *raspberry, *vitex berry, *cardamom, *allspice, *natural flavor


Origin: Blended with organic ingredients sourced from Chile, China, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Serbia, Turkey, and USA

Vendor: Tea Sip in Houston, Texas

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