Tiger Herbal Tisane

Tiger Herbal Tisane

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Blender's Notes:

Promotes Energy and Focus.

The primary ingredient in Tiger is Tulsi (Holy Basil), India’s most sacred herb. In Hindu mythology the Tiger is a symbol of energy and strength. Tulsi, Ashwagandha and Ginseng are adaptogens, herbs known to help the body adapt to stress and normalize bodily functions.

Lemongrass and Hyssop enhance the flavors of this one-of-a-kind caffeine-free beverage, and together these herbs work to promote focused attention and sustained tiger-like energy.

Ingredients: tulsi, ashwagandha, nettle, lemongrass, hyssop, ginseng

Tiger is a naturally caffeine-free herbal tisane.

About Sacred Blossom Farm: 

Nearly all the herbs in these living herbal teas are grown on their small, pesticide-free polyculture farm, or wild harvested in Mondovi, Wisconsin. They use regenerative growing practices and process the herbs on-site to preserve their freshness, flavor, and medicinal constituents. 

  • Small: approximately .2 ounces/8 grams - makes about 4 cups of hot tea
  • Medium: approximately .6 ounces/17 grams - makes about 8 or 9 cups of hot tea
  • Large: approximately 1 ounce/27 grams - makes about 12 to 15 cups of hot tea

Vendor: Sacred Blossom Farm in Mondovi, Wisconsin

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