WRAPS Headbands (For a Cause) - Black/White Stripes on Black Stripes

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In 2013, two women had a dream and teamed up to create WRAPS: Washable, Reusable, Affordable, Pads; sanitary pads for the school girls of Ethiopia. 

Since then, their team has grown to over 15 people, and has given 40,000+ WRAPS kits to Ethiopian girls. 

Every dollar of your purchase goes to WRAPS, an Ethiopian NGO. Each $9 Ethiopian headband provides a WRAPS kit for one girl.

WRAPS has partnered with another group that we at Leaf & Petal have supported for years, The Forsaken Children. Their goal is to work together to rescue, restore, and rebuild the lives of children at-risk in Ethiopia.

WRAPS helps to provide washable, reusable sanitary pads and supplies for girls, as well as unique physical education about their developing bodies. Staying in school can be a particular challenge for girls in Ethiopia, as they reach adolescence. With a lack of basic hygienic supplies and instruction in rural Ethiopia, the development of a menstrual cycle can keep young ladies out of school for up to a week every month, often causing them to drop out altogether. Education is a key ingredient to success throughout life, and remaining in school deters many children from ever leaving their homes for life on the streets. This simple help - washable, reusable sanitary pads - is a game changer for these sweet girls, helping restore them to school. 

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