The Luckiest Child - Becoming a Blended Family
The Luckiest Child - Becoming a Blended Family
The Luckiest Child - Becoming a Blended Family
The Luckiest Child - Becoming a Blended Family

The Luckiest Child - Becoming a Blended Family

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The Luckiest Child: Becoming a Blended Family

Little Bear has just been told that he is going to be part of a blended family and he is so worried. Lucky, a magical four-leaf clover is sent on a mission to help Little Bear overcome those worries and have a better understanding of his new family dynamic.
What if Dad doesn’t want to spend time with me? What if my stepmom tries to make new rules? These are just a few of the “what if” questions troubling Little Bear in this story. 
Is he doomed or will he overcome his worries?
Being part of a blended family can be hard, especially at first. The Luckiest Child: Becoming a Blended Family can help you generate a conversation with your child about being more accepting and understanding of change, as well as discuss the importance of respect and rules, inside and outside the home.

When single parents inform their children that they are going to start a life with someone new, it can be an overwhelming emotional adjustment. And without the proper tools and/or resources to communicate, children may have a difficult time adapting.

The objective of The Luckiest Child series is to create a platform for children to open up to their parents about their worries and questions. These books address some of the typical difficulties children face, but in a relatable and comfortable setting. By utilizing these tools to bridge the gap between you and your child, it should help them come to terms and feel more comfortable talking to you about what they might be feeling.

Learning Objectives addressed:

~ Understanding Change ~

~ The Importance of Respect ~

~ The Purpose of Rules ~

This book is suitable for children of all ages and adults can definitely benefit from it too!

Author, Zoie Seay, is coming to you with her first of several books about blended families. Her devoted passion to understand, develop, and care for children stems from her deeply rooted family values. These values have also given her the strength and confidence to be a loving stepmom and an author of books about blended families. With her enthusiastic and adventurous outlook on life, she has created a way to use these passions and experiences to help others.

We held Zoie's book launch at our shop in Historic Occoquan this past fall, and she was met with a huge success and fantastic feedback! All of her books in our shop are signed by the author and come with a free bookmark as well! 

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