Leaf & Petal’s Mission...

To benefit mind, body, and spirit with products and services that offer health and healing through natural remedies.

Petra's Story...

My journey toward healthy living began in 1999, after having trouble recovering from a difficult pregnancy. I spent the next couple of decades exploring natural remedies and discovering how to have a healthy lifestyle. After years of chronic illness, sometimes being bedridden, I am healthier and more energetic than ever.

I use my time at Leaf & Petal getting to know my lovely customers, and sharing all the knowledge I have gained during my decades of research and experience in good health and healing. I have always dreamed of owning a shop, and historic Occoquan, where locals and tourists from all over wander regularly, is the perfect location for it.

Leaf & Petal carries teas and herbal tisanes, plus all the supplies to go with them, natural tinctures and remedies, clean non-toxic beauty products, non-toxic aromatherapy, and other items to promote self-healing for the mind, body, and spirit.

Leaf & Petal sources products from local makers whenever possible and also includes amazing products from other parts of the globe if they fit our health and healing standards.

Welcome to our little corner of Occoquan. 

October 2021 Leaf & Petal video
(we have added so much more to the shop since this video was taken two years ago!)