Dragonwell Tea
Dragonwell Tea

Dragonwell Tea

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Blender's Notes:

Dragonwell is considered to be one of the world's finest green teas, picked and hand processed in early spring. Its large flat leaves produce a soothing aroma when brewed. They have a golden sheen and give a pale green infusion that's lightly sweet and tremendously fragrant, with a slight hint of chestnut. This pure organic green tea will captivate you and keep you coming back for more.

Dragonwell is the most classic green tea from China, immortalized as a tribute tea by emperors and revered the world over. The original Dragonwell that was recognized by Emperor Qianlong and propelled the Hangzhou Westlake region to fame is made from an old tree tea cultivar, called Qunti. This is a premium grade made from this ancient cultivar. It very distinctly conveys the rocky granite terroir of the pristine region where it is grown on a 500-acre terrace tea garden spanning the lush hillsides of Qiandao Lake, about 100 miles from Hangzhou.

The Tea Spot's partner tea farmer, Mr. Chen, has established his garden with one of his best friends from childhood. His Dragonwell grows alongside native Osmanthus trees and relies on predatory bugs and nesting birds for natural pest control. The fresh Spring tea leaves are collected and hand processed annually in early April. Big on texture and mineral flavor, this is a beautiful example of what a traditional Dragonwell tastes like.

  • High-grade dragonwell tea
  • Origin: Qiandao Lake region, China
  • Caffeine: Medium

    Ingredients: *green tea


    • Small: approximately .2 ounces/8 grams - makes about 4 cups of hot tea
    • Medium: approximately .6 ounces/17 grams - makes about 8 or 9 cups of hot tea
    • Large: approximately 1 ounce/27 grams - makes about 12 to 15 cups of hot tea
    • Extra Large: approximately 2 ounces/54+ grams - makes about 24 to 30 cups of hot tea

    Vendor: The Tea Spot in Boulder, Colorado

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