Gua Sha and Roller Set
Gua Sha and Roller Set

Gua Sha and Roller Set

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The face roller provides muscle tension relief and lymphatic drainage, can reduce facial edema and help your skin look fresh, firm, dewy, and lifted.

Choose from the black (obsidian) or the white (white jade). The face & eye-roller is sturdy and not squeaky. The massage roller is very smooth and well-made. It provides cooling and energizes the skin.

Gua sha can improve circulation of blood flow, but it also helps the cells in the skin get sufficient nutrition and oxygen, accelerate the metabolism of cells, and maintain the elastic state of your skin.

Hot tip: You can keep the roller and gua sha in the fridge to eradicate morning puffiness and refresh the skin.

Use with one of our amazing c.b.d. serums for optimal effects!

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