LION'S MANE / Mushroom Essence (Herbal Tincture)
LION'S MANE / Mushroom Essence (Herbal Tincture)

LION'S MANE / Mushroom Essence (Herbal Tincture)

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Lion's Mane / mushroom essence for primal connection

An aesthetically captivating mushroom, replete with primal feminine energies, stirs and reconnects ancient memories deep within us. All parts of our true self arise to receive nourishment and healing, stepping out of the dark places and shadows. Lifting the mind out of binding fears and into free-flowing creativity is where this essence shines. It reveals our primal instincts and powerful ancient energies, allowing us to clearly recognize our truth.

This batch of Lion's Mane Essence was created under a full Moon in Leo to enhance passionate inclinations. Exuberance, open-mindedness, and affection.

Planetary influence: The Moon

Harmonizing qualities: Enhanced focus, ancient energy, primal instincts

Patterns of imbalance: Fear, stuck in limiting beliefs, avoiding responsibility

HOW TO USE: Mushroom Essences are intended to be used for at least one full 28-day lunar cycle.

7 drops, 3x daily as needed

+ On the tongue
+ In the bath
+ On a pillow


*organic **wildcrafted

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