Marmal'aide // Glow Up Solid Serum
Marmal'aide // Glow Up Solid Serum

Marmal'aide // Glow Up Solid Serum

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From the maker:

This is a juicy, antioxidant packed creamy semi-solid gel-like serum whose purpose in life is to even out skin tone, fade hyperpigmentation, boost collagen production, and keep breakouts at bay— in other words, to glow you up.

The thing about antioxidants is that they love to travel in packs— Vitamins A, C and E are all super charged skin helpers in their own right, but when combined, they are powerful defenders of your precious visage. Calendula and seabuckthorn fruit oil, along with organic orange peel extract, offer plant based vitamin A and C in spades, and the locally grown sunflower seed oil we infuse into is packed with Vitamin E. Brightening, smoothing and firming.

To bring another level entirely, an in-house Japanese knotweed root extract is added to the mix, as natures richest source of Resveratrol— one of the most powerful antioxidants mother earth has provided, and from a plant that some call invasive, while others call opportunistic- all to say that there is plenty of it, and its generosity is much appreciated. To back up this all star cast is a fat soluble form of Vitamin C that supports the plants in their complex work, and helps rebuild skin that may have been damaged in the course of living your adventurous life. The slightest citrusy hint of cold-pressed non-photosensitizing Japanese Yuzu essential oil further helps brighten skin, and lift spirits. 1 oz.

To Use:

Massage small pea-size (or less) amount over entire face and neck after cleansing, misting, and applying serum. Highly recommend combining with a few drops of flower sap. It can be used as a light moisturizer in and of itself or as a solid serum before a richer final moisturizing step.


cold pressed organic NYS grown Sunflower seed oil, cold pressed organic seabuckthorn fruit oil, in house extracts of our own farm grown calendula, japanese knotweed root, organic orange peel extract, ascorbyl palmitate, unbleached local beeswax, cold pressed yuzu EO

About the Brand:

Apis Apotheca is a farm to face skincare company that specializes in sensitive, acne and eczema prone skin while supporting graceful aging. Their products are founded on whole plant infusions using botanicals organically grown on their farm in upstate NY and blended with specific science backed actives. We connect the dots between taking care of the planet and taking care of skin, and know their products achieve true results because of the love they give back to the soil.

  • female founded
  • ethically produced
  • clean ingredients
  • sustainable
  • handmade
  • Made in the US
  • gives back

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