Optimism / Magic Matcha Superbrew
Optimism / Magic Matcha Superbrew

Optimism / Magic Matcha Superbrew

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A rich, earthy palate of ceremonial Matcha and Moringa Tree leaves plant us firmly beneath lush forest canopies. Balancing the grounding effects of verdant Earth medicine, ancient nootropics give flight to the mind, tapping into the higher states of joy and bliss.

Optimism Magick Matcha is your morning ritual for a clear mind, awakened soul, and uplifted spirit. Mycrodoses of Astragalus Root and Cordyceps Mushrooms nourish our bodies, offering newfound resilience, stamina, and vigor. We added creamy coconut, butterscotch undertones, and a peppermint kick.

Brew it with hot water, milk, add it to a smoothie, or even bulletproof it to make it your own.

Artisan Formula: *ceremonial matcha, *moringa leaf, *coconut cream, *lucuma, *peppermint, *cordyceps mushrooms, *gotu kola, *calamus root, *holy basil


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