Sore Muscle Salve (2 ounces)

Sore Muscle Salve (2 ounces)

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Blender's Notes:

This sore muscle salve was created to relieve muscular pain. It is warming, increases circulation and reduces inflammation (non-mentholated). Treat general sore and stiff muscles anywhere externally on the body (avoid cuts/eyes). Also relieving for menstrual cramps or after workouts. Initially created for a client's arthritis, it helps others relieve back pain, and to relax tight & tense neck and shoulders.

Ingredients: Organic sunflower oil infused with arnica, st. john's wort, white willow bark, capsaicin, and local beeswax. Essential oils of: Siberian white fir, clove, cypress, ginger & sweet birch. 

2 ounce metal tin with screw top cover.

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